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Provide a SigV4 compatible user name and password for git smart HTTP These commands are consumed by git and should not used directly. Erase and Store are no-ops. Get is operation to generate credentials to authenticate AWS CodeCommit. Run “aws codecommit credential-helper help” for details

See ‘aws help’ for descriptions of global parameters.


aws codecommit credential-helper



See ‘aws help’ for descriptions of global parameters.

Available Commands


To set up the credential helper included in the AWS CLI with AWS CodeCommit

The credential-helper utility is not designed to be called directly from the AWS CLI. Instead it is intended to be used as a parameter with the git config command to set up your local computer. It enables Git to use HTTPS and a cryptographically signed version of your IAM user credentials or Amazon EC2 instance role whenever Git needs to authenticate with AWS to interact with CodeCommit repositories.

git config --global credential.helper '!aws codecommit credential-helper $@'
git config --global credential.UseHttpPath true


    helper = !aws codecommit credential-helper $@
    UseHttpPath = true

For more information, see Setting up for AWS CodeCommit Using Other Methods in the AWS CodeCommit User Guide. Review the content carefully, and then follow the procedures in one of the following topics: For HTTPS Connections on Linux, macOS, or Unix or For HTTPS Connections on Windows in the AWS CodeCommit User Guide.