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The AWS Health API provides programmatic access to the AWS Health information that is presented in the AWS Personal Health Dashboard . You can get information about events that affect your AWS resources:

  • DescribeEvents : Summary information about events.

  • DescribeEventDetails : Detailed information about one or more events.

  • DescribeAffectedEntities : Information about AWS resources that are affected by one or more events.

In addition, these operations provide information about event types and summary counts of events or affected entities:

  • DescribeEventTypes : Information about the kinds of events that AWS Health tracks.

  • DescribeEventAggregates : A count of the number of events that meet specified criteria.

  • DescribeEntityAggregates : A count of the number of affected entities that meet specified criteria.

AWS Health integrates with AWS Organizations to provide a centralized view of AWS Health events across all accounts in your organization.

  • DescribeEventsForOrganization : Summary information about events across the organization.

  • DescribeAffectedAccountsForOrganization : List of accounts in your organization impacted by an event.

  • DescribeEventDetailsForOrganization : Detailed information about events in your organization.

  • DescribeAffectedEntitiesForOrganization : Information about AWS resources in your organization that are affected by events.

You can use the following operations to enable or disable AWS Health from working with AWS Organizations.

  • EnableHealthServiceAccessForOrganization : Enables AWS Health to work with AWS Organizations.

  • DisableHealthServiceAccessForOrganization : Disables AWS Health from working with AWS Organizations.

  • DescribeHealthServiceStatusForOrganization : Status information about enabling or disabling AWS Health from working with AWS Organizations.

The Health API requires a Business or Enterprise support plan from AWS Support . Calling the Health API from an account that does not have a Business or Enterprise support plan causes a SubscriptionRequiredException .

For authentication of requests, AWS Health uses the Signature Version 4 Signing Process .

See the AWS Health User Guide for information about how to use the API.

Service Endpoint

The HTTP endpoint for the AWS Health API is: