[ aws . mediastore-data ]



Gets the headers for an object at the specified path.

See also: AWS API Documentation

See ‘aws help’ for descriptions of global parameters.


--path <value>
[--cli-input-json | --cli-input-yaml]
[--generate-cli-skeleton <value>]
[--cli-auto-prompt <value>]


--path (string)

The path (including the file name) where the object is stored in the container. Format: <folder name>/<folder name>/<file name>

--cli-input-json | --cli-input-yaml (string) Reads arguments from the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by --generate-cli-skeleton. If other arguments are provided on the command line, those values will override the JSON-provided values. It is not possible to pass arbitrary binary values using a JSON-provided value as the string will be taken literally. This may not be specified along with --cli-input-yaml.

--generate-cli-skeleton (string) Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value input, prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for --cli-input-json. Similarly, if provided yaml-input it will print a sample input YAML that can be used with --cli-input-yaml. If provided with the value output, it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command.

--cli-auto-prompt (boolean) Automatically prompt for CLI input parameters.

See ‘aws help’ for descriptions of global parameters.


To view the headers for an object

The following describe-object example displays the headers for an object at the specified path.

aws mediastore-data describe-object \
    --endpoint https://aaabbbcccdddee.data.mediastore.us-west-2.amazonaws.com \
    --path events/baseball/setup.jpg


    "LastModified": "Fri, 19 Jul 2019 21:50:31 GMT",
    "ContentType": "image/jpeg",
    "ContentLength": "3860266",
    "ETag": "2aa333bbcc8d8d22d777e999c88d4aa9eeeeee4dd89ff7f555555555555da6d3"

For more information, see Viewing the Details of an Object in the AWS Elemental MediaStore User Guide.


ETag -> (string)

The ETag that represents a unique instance of the object.

ContentType -> (string)

The content type of the object.

ContentLength -> (long)

The length of the object in bytes.

CacheControl -> (string)

An optional CacheControl header that allows the caller to control the object’s cache behavior. Headers can be passed in as specified in the HTTP at https://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec14.html#sec14.9 .

Headers with a custom user-defined value are also accepted.

LastModified -> (timestamp)

The date and time that the object was last modified.