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Welcome to the AWS Audit Manager API reference. This guide is for developers who need detailed information about the AWS Audit Manager API operations, data types, and errors.

AWS Audit Manager is a service that provides automated evidence collection so that you can continuously audit your AWS usage, and assess the effectiveness of your controls to better manage risk and simplify compliance.

AWS Audit Manager provides pre-built frameworks that structure and automate assessments for a given compliance standard. Frameworks include a pre-built collection of controls with descriptions and testing procedures, which are grouped according to the requirements of the specified compliance standard or regulation. You can also customize frameworks and controls to support internal audits with unique requirements.

Use the following links to get started with the AWS Audit Manager API:

  • Actions : An alphabetical list of all AWS Audit Manager API operations.

  • Data types : An alphabetical list of all AWS Audit Manager data types.

  • Common parameters : Parameters that all Query operations can use.

  • Common errors : Client and server errors that all operations can return.

If you’re new to AWS Audit Manager, we recommend that you review the AWS Audit Manager User Guide .