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GameLift provides solutions for hosting session-based multiplayer game servers in the cloud, including tools for deploying, operating, and scaling game servers. Built on AWS global computing infrastructure, GameLift helps you deliver high-performance, high-reliability, low-cost game servers while dynamically scaling your resource usage to meet player demand.

About GameLift solutions

Get more information on these GameLift solutions in the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide .

  • Managed GameLift – GameLift offers a fully managed service to set up and maintain computing machines for hosting, manage game session and player session life cycle, and handle security, storage, and performance tracking. You can use automatic scaling tools to balance hosting costs against meeting player demand., configure your game session management to minimize player latency, or add FlexMatch for matchmaking.

  • Managed GameLift with Realtime Servers – With GameLift Realtime Servers, you can quickly configure and set up game servers for your game. Realtime Servers provides a game server framework with core Amazon GameLift infrastructure already built in.

  • GameLift FleetIQ – Use GameLift FleetIQ as a standalone feature while managing your own EC2 instances and Auto Scaling groups for game hosting. GameLift FleetIQ provides optimizations that make low-cost Spot Instances viable for game hosting.

About this API Reference

This reference guide describes the low-level service API for Amazon GameLift. You can find links to language-specific SDK guides and the AWS CLI reference with each operation and data type topic. Useful links:

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