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Cloud9 is a collection of tools that you can use to code, build, run, test, debug, and release software in the cloud.

For more information about Cloud9, see the Cloud9 User Guide .

Cloud9 supports these operations:

  • CreateEnvironmentEC2 : Creates an Cloud9 development environment, launches an Amazon EC2 instance, and then connects from the instance to the environment.
  • CreateEnvironmentMembership : Adds an environment member to an environment.
  • DeleteEnvironment : Deletes an environment. If an Amazon EC2 instance is connected to the environment, also terminates the instance.
  • DeleteEnvironmentMembership : Deletes an environment member from an environment.
  • DescribeEnvironmentMemberships : Gets information about environment members for an environment.
  • DescribeEnvironments : Gets information about environments.
  • DescribeEnvironmentStatus : Gets status information for an environment.
  • ListEnvironments : Gets a list of environment identifiers.
  • ListTagsForResource : Gets the tags for an environment.
  • TagResource : Adds tags to an environment.
  • UntagResource : Removes tags from an environment.
  • UpdateEnvironment : Changes the settings of an existing environment.
  • UpdateEnvironmentMembership : Changes the settings of an existing environment member for an environment.